We extract unused cellulose from complex waste streams and give the recovered cellulose unique properties. We call this new generation Recell. Recell has the smallest possible CO2 footprint and gives you tradable CO2 certificates. Recell is making our clients more competitive, today and tomorrow – a win-win situation, and not least for the environment. We feel deeply committed to greening the economy, and that’s why we’re sharing our knowledge and passion for cellulose and its applications.

Recovered cellulose, a winner in your markets

Recell Infra. Newest generation of cellulose for a better infrastructure.
Specially developed for applications in the infrastructure sector. Widely applicable and versatile. Our R&D is developing a range of new uses, together with Recell’s innovation partners and customers. This often yields unique material improvements and always results in a considerably smaller CO2 footprint and in tradable CO2 certificates.

Recell Compose. The new generation of biocomposites containing Cellulose.
Biocomposites with a Recell Compose component are giving more and more advantages. Not only because of their intrinsically better and more sustainable material qualities, but also because the Recell component lowers the CO2 footprint and price of these composites.

Recell Chem.
Cellulose is an important raw material for a whole new branch of the chemical industry – the alternative to fossil oil and gas. Recell is working with innovative companies and knowledge networks to develop this new circular chemical industry. Work with us on your winning products for tomorrow.

Why Recell makes our earth a winner

Recell has the smallest CO2 footprint possible. It turns cellulose, that previously would have been sent to landfill or incinerated, from a waste product into a raw material. As a rule of thumb, 1 ton of Recell cellulose will give you a CO2 certificate for 2 tons of CO2. That’s a justified and unique doubling that gives our customers win-win opportunities. We’ll be happy to calculate the environmental benefits for you using our internationally recognised LCA software.

The new generation of cellulose is not always Cellulose
Recell’s Cellulose is recovered from waste streams that in the past would have been incinerated. Recell takes cellulose bound for the incinerator and turns it into a raw material – a giant leap. Compared with extracting cellulose from trees or other plants, Recell eliminates a number of process steps from cutting down trees and pulping the wood to treating the pulp with additives.

This largely explains why Recell’s cellulose brands have an ECI value and CO2 footprint of 0 or virtually 0. That is unique for cellulose, but not for Recell’s Cellulose: the new generation of cellulose.

About us

Recell is a specialist in extracting, reprocessing and applying cellulose as a raw material. Our customers include both government bodies and industry. Recell is part of the Recell Group, a group of innovative and successful companies working to build a cellulose-based economy.


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