Waste flows

Cellulose in waste flows

From burning to earning

We’re turning unused, complex waste streams into a circular and profitable flow, using our innovative process technology and knowledge of the markets. There’s nothing we enjoy more than turning ‘waste’ cellulose into a new product, and finding a market for it. Are you the owner of a residual stream that contains cellulose? Turn it into a ‘win-win’ situation, both for your company and for our planet! Contact us to find out more.

Our technology

The Recell Group, in partnership with Cirtec, has developed the Cellvation® technology to enable the extraction of cellulose from complex waste streams. Cellvation increases the capacity of the facility, saves energy and thereby lowers energy costs and reduces waste. Using this innovative technology and selling the recovered cellulose has proven to be an especially attractive business case.

Recell Services
Recell Group analyses waste streams and conducts feasibility studies. This enables you to know the exact costs and revenues of cellulose extraction, as well as the most profitable applications. We are familiar with all the relevant legislation, associated procedures, opportunities and risk factors. Recell Services can also calculate the exact (often greatly reduced) CO2 footprint or ECI (environmental cost index) for you, using internationally recognised LCA software. Turn your waste into a ‘win-win’ situation, both for your company and for our planet!!

Competitive advantages
Our customers enjoy considerable savings in the cost of waste streams while reducing their CO2 footprint at the same time. Recell also gives you attractive, tradable CO2 certificates. So Recell’s Cellvation technology results in more competitive products, contract award advantages and a future-proof company.
(How much do you think it will cost to incinerate waste in 5 years?)