Environment & Economy

Why Cellulose is
a win
for the planet!

Recell has the smallest CO2 footprint possible. It turns cellulose, that in the past would have been sent to landfill or incinerated, from a waste product into a raw material. As a rule of thumb, 1 tonne of Recell cellulose will give you a CO2 certificate for 2 tonnes of CO2.
That’s a rightful and unique doubling that gives our customers win-win opportunities. We’ll be happy to calculate the environmental benefits for you using our internationally recognised LCA software.

Cellulose is not always Cellulose

Recell’s Cellulose is recovered from waste streams that in the past would have been incinerated. Recell takes cellulose bound for the incinerator and turns it into a raw material – a giant leap. Compared with extracting cellulose from trees or other plants, Recell eliminates a number of process steps, from cutting down trees and pulping the wood to treating the pulp with additives (if you’d like to know why we really need to stop cutting down trees, watch the video below).

This largely explains why Recell’s cellulose brands have an ECI value and CO2 footprint of 0 or virtually 0. That is unique for cellulose, but not for Recell’s Cellulose, the new generation of cellulose.

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Unique, tradable CO2 certificates
Recell Group is a participating member of the Netherlands’ National Carbon Marketplace (Nederlandse Nationale Koolstofmarkt). This enables us to apply to them for CO2 certificates for our customers as a service. Recell’s unique properties mean that every tonne of Recell saves 2 tonnes of CO2 according to the calculation method used by the Carbon Marketplace. The rising carbon prices in the ETS market increase the value of these CO2 certificates almost daily. You can credibly support your claims with these certificates. We’ll be happy to come to your office to hang them on the wall. (Maybe you can provide the bubbles to toast them with!)

Cellulose specialist
Recell’s Cellvation technology can give Recell’s brands new properties. This allows us to develop new materials and products quickly in collaboration with our customers. As a specialist in extracting, reprocessing and finding applications for cellulose, we like to participate in our customers’ development teams. Our knowledge and inspiration to use Cellulose does the rest. All these factors taken together make Recell’s brands the newest generation of cellulose.

Recell services
We can calculate the exact CO2 footprint of your novel product using our internationally recognised LCA software. In addition to replacing materials in the product which are often fossil-fuel based, Recell can also have other beneficial effects on the production process.