A winner in your markets

Recell’s raw materials: recovered
cellulose in your markets

Recovering materials from complex waste streams is a great thing in itself. What makes it even better is the fact that we’re using it to make customised raw materials for industries that help them to green their processes and products.

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The newest generation of cellulose
for a better infrastructure

Specially developed for applications in the infrastructure sector. Widely applicable and versatile. Our R&D is working with Recell’s innovation partners and customers to develop a range of new applications. This often yields unique material improvements and always results in a considerably smaller CO2 footprint and in tradable CO2 certificates.

Although a cellulose-based economy is still in its infancy, the preliminary results are compelling. Recell Infra has already proven itself as an additive for asphalt processing, and has been used to pave roads in Dutch cities such as Amsterdam, Leeuwarden, Utrecht, and Groningen, as well as in dikes on the island of Ameland. Thanks to extensive R&D we know exactly what properties Recell Infra adds, and not only to asphalt but to other materials as well: from signage, fencing, shoring, benches, information posts, traffic signs and fittings and street lights. Recell Infra is available as fibres, pellets and granulate.

fibers pellets granulates

Competitive advantages of the newest generation of cellulose
The properties of Recell Infra make materials significantly better. Moreover, Recell Infra has a tiny CO2 footprint that gives Recell’s customers a huge advantage when it comes to contracts, giving them a huge advantage over the competition. Recell also provides you with attractive, tradable CO2 certificates.


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A new generation of
cellulose-containing biocomposites

Biocomposites with a Recell Compose component are becoming more and more competitive. Not only because of their intrinsically better and more sustainable material properties, but also because Recell considerably reduces the CO2 footprint and price of these composites.

Recell Compose was developed for a wide range of applications in a variety of commercial and consumer markets. It can be used as an additive in not only the automotive industry, but also in agriculture to protect growing trees and in packaging for plants. Our R&D department and our development teams are working to find the best mixes for injection moulding and extrusion, and they also have experience with other processing technologies. As the newest generation of biocomposite, Recell Compose also adds valuable properties to a wide range of construction materials: from façade and other cladding, to doors, frames, paints, glues, floor boards, insulation and concrete.

bio-composites with Cellulose

Newest generation of cellulose with zero CO2 footprint
All this makes Recell Compose a valuable material for companies who need to work within the ever-stricter requirements in government legislation and regulations. Recell Compose gives our customers in the construction sector huge advantages as well. Recell Compose is available as fibres, pellets and granulate. Recell also gives you attractive, tradable CO2 certificates.


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Cellulose, the new direction
for our chemistry

Cellulose is an important raw material for a completely new branch of the chemical industry. It’s the alternative to fossil fuels like oil and gas. Recell is developing this new circular chemical industry together with innovative companies and knowledge networks. Join us and work on your win-win products for tomorrow.

Together with a close network of knowledge and industrial partners we are innovating basic cellulose chemistry and taking it to a new, competitive level. Recell Chem is the raw material for products made using natural fermentation processes, such as acetic acid, glucose, bioplastics and bio-ethanol, and other new substances as well. Recell Chem is not derived from food crops, and is considered a third-generation biobased (G3) product. As the newest generation of cellulose derivates, Recell Chem is inextricably connected to our wealth of R&D experience in chemistry. We, and our customers, are the foundation of a much cleaner economy.

Your future with the newest generation of cellulose
Recell Chem has a CO2 footprint of 0, which reduces the environmental impact of these new materials. There is a clear trend towards stricter environmental laws, and consumers are becoming more critical. That gives our customers in chemistry an advantage and a stronger market position. Recell also gives you attractive, tradable CO2 certificates.