Unlock the value of your residual flows

Unlock the value of your residual flows!

Hundreds of thousands of tons of unexplored raw materials in Europe are waiting to be incinerated or even landfilled. These raw materials are deadlocked in complex and often wet residual flows. Due to the rapidly rising energy prices and waste taxes, these residual flows are often real bleeders. The costs can quickly add up to 80-100 euros per tonne. An expensive and lasting shame. And also an unnecessary waste of resources! Because the technology and knowledge are now available to make these complex residual flows profitable and circular.

Cellulose-containing residual flows

Recell Group specializes in unlocking complex residual flows that contain a cellulose component. It’s unexpectedly often that we come across these residual flows. A well-known residual flow is AHP (absorbing hygienic products) like diapers and incontinence material. The hundreds of thousands of tons of AHP for the most part end up in the incinerator. Not only in the Netherlands, but throughout Europe. For example, incontinence products contain more than 60% cellulose. Labels on glass packaging, paper in plasterboard, used pizza boxes and other fastfood packaging mixed with food are also examples of complex residual flows. What a waste of all that valuable cellulose. Moreover, after extracting cellulose from complex residual flows, cleaner flows of – for example – glass and plastics remain. And the cleaner the residual flow, the greater the success factor for further recycling.

From residual flow to cellulose, PET, PP, …

Recell Group has the knowledge, partner networks and technology to analyze and separate these complex residual flows and to upgrade the proportion of cellulose to Recell® quality. Or, in other words: tertiary cellulose. We nearly always succeed in finding a high-quality market for all recovered cellulose. The markets where we supply cellulose with Recell® quality are biocomposites, the construction sector, infrastructure and basic chemistry. At Recell Group we control the entire spectrum up to and including the sales market. We are therefore able to calculate the business case for residual flows realistically and clearly.

Recell Services analyzes residual flows

How do you unlock complex residual flows? The first step is analyzing the composition of the residual flow. This is done in one of our modern laboratories. We take into account all possible variations in the waste stream. Based on this, we make a first realistic estimate of recoverability, costs and revenues. At this point, we also know for which market the cellulose can be processed. Our experienced researchers can cost-effectively carry out this initial analysis and short feasibility study.

A calculation example

In recent years, Recell has conducted various feasibility studies. For example, in markets such as plasterboard and plastic recycling, sewage treatment, hospital waste and construction. Because the outcomes will differ per market, we illustrate this blog with a fictitious but realistic calculation example. The figures are indicative of what we encounter in practice.

The value of a cellulosic residual flow

The calculation example below concerns a complex residual flow of 1,800 tons, of which 1,000 tons of cellulose per year:



Reprocessed Recell cellulose per tonne*

€ 250.000,00

Circular material A (‘by-catch’ 200 tons)**

€   40.000,00

Processing/tax savings

€  120.000,00


€  128.900,00

CO2-prijzen voluntarily

 €    50.000,00

Potential value of residual flow***
per jaar

max. €  538.900,00
min. €  460.000,00

 *) Based on the market value of secondary cellulose. The market value of the tertiary cellulose depends on the processing and applications.

**) In addition to cellulose, we often recover other raw materials from the same residual flow.

***) The costs of recovery are not included in this overview.

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