Meet… Anita Kriele

Meet… Anita Kriele

– Recell Group is a company of engineers: biotechnology engineers, water technology engineers, process engineers… How reassuring is it, that in such a technical working environment you can also rely on people who make sure that things run smoothly organizationally. Someone like Anita Kriele, who is running a three-ring circus with her dual function as Office and HR manager.

Many of our colleagues think and work primarily on the extraction, reprocessing and reuse of cellulose from residual streams. Using this tertiary cellulose as a valuable raw material in a wide variety of products. Think of biocomposites, but also of infra and green chemistry. An important objective is greening entire supply chains, and to significantly reduce the CO2 emissions of these products. However, as an organization you cannot make do with technical building blocks alone; you also need the cement of the ‘supporting services’. Anita Kriele is our linking factor when it comes to HR and office management.

Golden combination

She doesn’t have a dime a dozen background. Anita graduated as a sociologist, specializing in planning, organization and policy. She has supplemented this with a course in environmental sciences. A golden combination for our company! As HR manager, Anita is involved in developments that affect our staff: working environment and conditions, professionalization, training, staff planning, you name it. As office manager, she is in charge of just about everything related to office matters.

It must have an impact

For her, this job at the Recell Group seems to be tailor-made. Not least because sustainability and circularity form the basis for choices she has been making for a long time. Anita explains: “I call it stewardship: as a human being you are responsible for your environment. There is also direction in this: making the world more beautiful and better than how you found it. What you do should have an impact.” And she seeks that not only privately, but also in her work: “I really like the combination of HR with Recell’s circular approach to adding value to cellulose within waste streams. And that approach is really concrete. As a Recell team, we are very tangibly working on a greener future.”

Work experience

As an HR professional, her main drive is to increase job satisfaction. “I am a supporter of Kees Kouwenhoven’s concept of ‘7 sources of job satisfaction.’ By this she means a method based on research into how these sources of job satisfaction work:

  • Physical well-being
  • Collegiality
  • Appreciation and trust
  • Good performance
  • Growth
  • Working with heart and soul
  • Being of significance

“Everything I do within the HR profession comes from this approach: daily work experiences as the basis for passion and results.” What she does, she does well. And we at Recell reap the benefits of that.