Meet… Jorn!

Recell grows and welcomes Jorn as this month’s new engineer at our R&D department! As engineer, Jorn will work mostly to secure the production and quality of Recell® in one of our production locations. Did you just receive a new delivery of Recell®? There is a good change that it was produced under the watchful eye of Jorn!

“In 2019 I was introduced with Recell® during my internship of the study molecular biology and biotechnology. With great joy I contributed to the Cell-U-Value project during this period. The small team (which has immensely grown ever since), the great work atmosphere and contribution toward a circular economy were what really appealed to me. I am grateful to again contribute to this wonderful cause.

This time I will be working on the production and quality of Recell® in one of the production locations, where different residual streams get upcycled during the production of Recell®. Besides that you can find me in the lab, where I help with the analysis to verify the Recell® quality. I am happy to get the chance to work for Recell® and am looking forward to this new challenge! – Jorn Groen

Is your cellulose rich stream the Recell® that Jorn will produce in the future? Contact us at