The new NOMMER: Flushed, but not discarded!

The new NOMMER: Flushed,
but not discarded!

The latest issue of the NOM magazine (the NOMMER) has arrived! The issue describes the recovery of cellulose and the processing into Recell®. Insights into the technology and process steps of Recell® are offered in the article. For example, it shows how unique raw materials, such as Recell® Infra, -Compose and -Chem, are produced from sewage water. For many people Recell® evokes strong associations with sewage water treatment and they are partly right about this. But did you know that… the latest generation of Recell® is not only used in various industries, but also comes from various industries?

Due to our specialism, we can recover Recell® from almost all possible residual flows that contain cellulose. Think of construction waste, gypsum recycling, plastic recycling and much more! After processing, each stream has its own unique characteristics. This makes them exceptionally suitable for use in infrastructure, the building industry and/or the chemical industry. This month’s NOMMER zooms in on recovering Recell® from sewage water. Specifically, the wide application of this product!

Read now about recovery of Recell® from sewage water and the applications of Recell®, in the latest issue of the NOMMER