Prinsjesfestival, The Hague 2022 – Recell is there!

Prinsjesfestival 2022 The Hague

Recell is there!

– Under the motto “The Future has already begun in Groningen”, the Province of Groningen will present itself during the three-day Prinsjesfestival in The Hague in the week before Prinsjesdag 2022. ‘Prinsjesdag’ is the 3rd Tuesday in September, when the Dutch cabinet presents the state budget to the parliament. At Prinsjesfestival, Groningen will introduce visitors, whether or not they are politically involved, to the innovative power of the province. Recell is there. And with good reason!

With Chemport Europe, Groningen is a leader in the field of biobased raw materials, sugar based chemistry and circular plastics. The circular economy is in full development in the north of The Netherlands. The province wants to show that in The Hague. Recell Group is joining the activities of Chemport Europe. Together with other innovative entrepreneurs and knowledge institutions, we are working with Chemport Europe on greening base chemicals. 

Discover the impact of Recell

On the first day of the festival, the public and politicians can get to know Recell Group and our products. Then we share our plans and ambitions to members of parliament and policy makers in the field of circular economy, innovation and business, among others. And we also hope to meet executive organizations such as RVO and SNN, not to mention the students and teachers of various educational institutions. We show what we make and tell why it’s so cool. Our account manager Edwin Loman is there at the expo during the ‘Zeehavenborrel’ in the political capital. He is familiar with all the ins and outs of Recell and is eager to explain our work and the impact we can and want to make in the area of sustainability and greening. Afterwards, our products and information can also be found in the ‘Embassy Groningen’ located in Dudok until 16th of September. 

Green chemistry and bioplastics

At Recell we recover cellulose from residual flows that would otherwise be burned. We can still extract value from virtually every residual flow containing cellulose. After processing this recovered cellulose, new raw materials are created with the smallest possible footprint. These are used as ingredients or additives in, for example, biocomposites (Recell Compose) and in the infrastructure sector (Recell Infra). With Recell Chem, we offer an important raw material for the green chemistry sector. It is the alternative to scarce and polluting fossil raw materials such as oil and gas. Recell Chem is the feedstock for products produced by natural fermentation processes such as acetic acid, glucose, bioplastics and bioethanol. Recell does not consume food crops in the process and is considered 3rd generation biobased (G3). 

In Dudok, the ‘Embassy Groningen’ is freely accessible from 14 to 16 September from 09:30 to 17:30. More information about Prinsjesfestival can be found here

If you want to know more about Recell

Are you interested and would you like to talk further about the possibilities to green your supply chain? Or maybe you own a cellulose-containing residual stream that you’d like to get value out of? Don’t hesitate to contact us!