The sustainable yard of Texel is filled with.. Cellulose!

The sustainable yard of Texel is filled with.. Cellulose!

Recell goes overseas, the Wadden Sea! The sustainable yard of Texel has covered her hallway with interior tiles, made with 30% Recell. The tiles are made by NPSP commissioned by Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier (HHNK).

Last year HHNK got the message that their yard did not meet the requirement of housing. This brought an opportunity that the Noordhollandse Dagblad called “Walls of toilet paper and warmth from waste”. The new yard would not just be a yard, but a sustainable yard! Different sustainable companies worked together to form the yard at STP Everstekoog.

Tertiary cellulose
As a company, Recell delivers sustainable tertiary cellulose from different residual streams. The similarity in these sources are found in their only use being biomass. Many of the flows are therefore lost in the linear economy. With our reprocessing of the cellulose in these flows a new circular solution is formed. Of course there was no cellulose source more suitable for a building at the STP Everstekoog, than cellulose from a sewage water treatment plant!

Together with NPSP we have already been able to accomplish many exciting projects. The processing of Recell biocomposite tiles was therefore a perfect fit for their expertises. Recell biocomposites are known as a sustainable product of high quality.

The tiles found their way to the hallway of the sustainable yard. Initiatives like these show us how building can be sustainable, today. Sustainable building is not a thought of the future, the future is now! Apply Recell compose in your building and discover the ease of sustainable building.

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