From biobased Recell, to green chemicals!

Innovation brought Recell to a whole new level! The proven application of Recell in sectors like infrastructure or biocomposite are a proven fact. Many roads have been paved with Recell as an asphalt additive. And a great number of different products find Recell as some of their core materials. But…

Did you know that there are so many more sectors in which the application of Recell is a long known fact?

Take for instance the chemical industry. Virgin material is expensive and not at the least a sustainable option anymore. Material scarcity provided an increase in prices and started the search for alternatives. Sustainable alternatives are often not ready for the commercial markets. 

Recell Chem is the solution for this. The tertiary cellulose from residual stream forms the start of which Recell Chem is formed. With this sustainable option chemicals like glucose, acetic acid and bio plastics can be produced in a sustainable way!

As third generation biobased (G3) Recell does not compete with food crops for land use. Our customers are always one step in front of the competition toward sustainable and price competitive green chemicals with a high quality. 

Before, no circular application was applied for the tertiary cellulose we now use in Recell Chem. By upcycling the cellulose from residual streams we now have a unique product that stands in the middle of our sustainable future. Don’t miss out and make your process more sustainable by using Recell Chem!

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