Cellulose is an increasingly important raw material for the chemical industry

Find the hidden profit in your company’s residual flows with Recell Services

Cellulose is een steeds belangrijkere grondstof voor de chemische industrie

Find the hidden profit in your company’s residual flows with Recell Services

Of course, you have thought about the extra value your company’s residual flows might contain. But do you know exactly what goes up in smoke? Or what ends up on that already too high waste mountain? And what are the unnecessary costs for your company? You may unintentionally miss out on opportunities! For your company and for the climate. After all, processing waste is not exactly for free. And less waste to landfill automatically means reducing your CO2 footprint. If you run a business, you may not realize that you can still extract value from that complex part of industrial waste. And yet, that is exactly what we do at Recell Group. In order to offer our customers even more service, we have recently expanded our analysis and testing facilities. This allows us to do more analyses using the most modern techniques.

Valuable and sustainable

We use our market knowledge and innovative process technology to make unused, complex residual flows circular and profitable. We upgrade cellulosic waste streams to the desired Recell® quality: Cellulose 3.0. The new ingredients that we generate with this, are given a valuable and sustain application. They find their way to a growing number of suitable customers in the infrastructure, construction and chemical sectors.

Cellulosic residual flows: often a solid business case

Recyclable, tertiary cellulose can be found in residual flows of vegetable origin: paper, tissues, toilet paper, drink cartons, diapers, you name it. Do you want to know if there are opportunities for your company? Then it’s time to ask Recell Services to carry out a feasibility study. So that you know in a short time whether this residual flow is suitable to become Recell®. Our R&D department has a lot of expertise and modern, excellently equipped laboratories. Here we determine whether the cellulose from your residual flow has the potential to become Recell®. If necessary, with our experience we are able to adapt a variety of residual flows. It will only go on the market if it meets our high-quality requirements.

Tradable CO2 certificates

We can also calculate the impact on your CO2 footprint when cellulose is reused from your residual flows. We do this using internationally recognized LCA software. Recell® provides you with attractive, tradable CO2 certificates.

What’s in it for you?

  •       savings on the disposal of residual flows;
  •       reducing your company’s CO2 footprint;
  •       tradable CO2 certificates;
  •       making your company future-proof;
  •       a readily tradable high-quality raw material (Recell®) with guaranteed sales;
  •       marketing and goodwill benefits.

Would you like to know whether your company’s cellulosic residual flow is an interesting business case? Or would you like to exchange ideas? Then fill in the form on our contact page. We would be happy to see you and and discuss the possibilities!