Meet… Christiaan van den Berg


Christiaan van den Berg

Recell® is steadily moving forward! And that is also on behalf of some new colleagues. One of them is Christiaan van den Berg. He started working for us in November 2021 as a Process Engineer. In this position he makes a significant contribution to the further roll-out of – in particular – the chemical branch of our company.

“For a number of years, I worked at an engineering firm and saw the inside of several factories. That experience comes in handy now. What attracted me to working at Recell is twofold. On the one hand, working for a company that is developing rapidly. And especially working together with a relatively small but passionate team and being a pioneer. On the other hand, the green aspect is important to me: focusing on the circular economy. As individuals we can take a lot of measures in the field of sustainability, but there is even more to gain in industry. I think it’s great to actively contribute to this with Recell.”

Reducing fossil resources

“As a Process Engineer I am involved in optimizing the chemical branch of Recell (Recell Chem). The aim is to convert even more tertiary cellulose into additives or feedstock that can be used in the chemical industry. In this way we can reduce the use of fossil raw materials in industry, without withdrawing valuable agricultural soils from food production.”

Is your company interested in a biobased future without using fossil resources? And are you curious to find out what Recell can do for you? Please contact us via the contact form. We are looking forward to a good conversation!”