Pearls of business cases discovered in 45 cellulose containing residual streams

Pearls of business cases discovered in 45 cellulose containing residual streams

The Recell R&D team has analysed over 45 different residual streams in the last year! We analysed residual streams from companies that are active in construction, sewage water, recycling and many more! These often complex residual streams had not found their sustainable applications thus far. With the different analyses of Recell Services we have built a solid base for many promising business cases. And more research is already scheduled for 2022. Is your company ready for the analysis of the value of your residual stream?

Recell Services, two research laboratories

Recell Services researches the composition and quality of residual streams that contain cellulose. Besides that, we determine the most efficient purification steps, with which the regained tertiair cellulose can reach Recell quality. Also known as Cellulose 3.0! Our R&D team works from specialized laboratories with the latest technology, analyses and in this way discovers interesting business cases.

Complex cellulose residual streams? Those are one of our specialties! Recell Group tackles the issues with complex residual streams. Which steps are needed to reach Recell quality? In which sectors my company’s Cellulose 3.0 can be applied? Last year Recell Services analysed over 45 cellulose rich residual streams to answer these questions.

60 companies with cellulose containing residual streams

What is the regaining process of your business’s residual stream? Over 60 companies precede you and found value in their residual streams. We helped to go from burned cellulose to a sustainable raw material for the infra, chemistry and construction sector. From the first analyses, to purification, from regaining to a solid business case. The expertise of Recell enables you to see the value in your company’s residual stream! Don’t stay behind and have your residual flow analysed by Recell Group!

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