Recell at open day HVHL


Presentation Recell at open day Van Hall Larenstein

for the engineers of the future

– Last Saturday in Leeuwarden was open day at Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences. This day was organized to give more insight into the study and the work field. Our colleague Xia Bijholt was invited to represent the work field for the study programme process technology of the study Biotechnology. And to talk about Recell and the work she does here as an engineer. Xia herself was a Biotechnology student at HVHL not so long ago. So she should know better than anyone the kind of questions future students have. And what information they need to determine their final choice of study.

Recell operates with the recovery of cellulose from complex waste streams in a special market that many people are not (yet) familiar with. As a growing company, we therefore feel it is important to show future students what we are doing and how we do it. How do we at Recell use our knowledge for a greener economy?

Reducing the footprint

We are working on solutions to reduce the CO2 footprint of products. To do this, we recover cellulose from sewage treatment, gypsum or paper streams, for example. We upgrade the recovered cellulose into bio-based raw materials that can be used in the construction and infrastructure sector and in green chemistry. In this way, producers working in these sectors can replace a large part of their fossil raw materials. That’s not only better for the environment and the climate, but at the same time it ensures a competitive position – both in price and in circularity – of the companies we work with.

Knowledge transfer

Besides our presence at the open day, Recell will also be providing a module working with Recell® during this academic year at HVHL. First-year students will be introduced to process engineering by producing glucose from Recell’s tertiary cellulose. The module constitutes the first process engineering course in the Biotechnology study. This provides students with input to make a well-informed choice for a possible major in Process Engineering.


Every year we have several internships available in our company, both at college and intermediate vocational level. The students face major developments in the company. For example, they support in Recell Services. Or their optimization project can be part of a start-up pilot. In this way, we offer students from different courses and fields of study as many opportunities as possible to gain knowledge and experience in our beautiful profession. This is important to us, because we are talking about the engineers of the future!

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